Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQ)

This site is a catalog of resources for the Claris platform created by developers. If you have a demo file, add-on or plugin you want to share with the world, post it here.

There is no intention to do custom functions. BD has done a great job of providing that for everyone for years and there is not need to duplicate that resource.

Not at all. The Claris Marketplace is great, but it is limited to offerings from Claris Partners. At pentagonFM all developers are welcome to submit their work to the catalog. We encourage CPs to link to their Claris Marketplace products.

No. You do not need to enter any financial information. We are not currently processing any financial transactions. This is a catalog only.

Anything that is free to the public should be uploaded to the pentagonFM catalog with no price. If you wish to sell your add-on, plugin or other resource you will be able to link to the external URL where you sell the product and enter a price.

This will be available in the near future. Downloads and unique downloads counts are already available.

Yes. People with questions or feedback can contact you through pentagonFM. 

If it is a free product in the catalog, yes. You will be notified about each user that downloads your files.

Yes. Known developers with good ethics are what we want here. Newly registered developers may have their uploads reviewed at our discretion. We do not want malicious files in the mix.

This is mostly the effort of developer Tom Oathoudt with the vision of having  a place for people to exchange resources easily. Other longtime Claris/FM developers contribute ideas and support the site mission.

Not for long. We are already hard at work localizing the site in 3 additional languages. We will also be offering translations of your resource descriptions. The goal is to share with as much of the global community of developers as possible.

While this is not an official NPO, there is no intention to monetize the site right now. No ads. No membership fees. No credits to buy. This is a for developers, by developers kind of place.

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